Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. I hope y’all are doing well? Merry Christmas to y’all!! I’m actually so excited today, and I think things are really looking up.

This year, the Christmas spirit isn’t one I’ve been feeling so much, but I think I feel it now, lol. I think really knowing and understanding what Christmas is all about is the game changer. Two nights ago, I listened to some carol songs and I tried to intentionally absorb the words in —connect with what they were saying— and I did feel great.

A word was also preached, and they talked about the spirit of Christmas, which we might have actually heard before. It’s not about the lights or the trees (They’re still important), or the gifts, it’s about truly appreciating the fact that Jesus came to die for us. Being grateful for the love shown to us by God and radiating that love. Christmas is a time to love, to give and to spread joy, and truly knowing what Christmas means to you in your heart really makes things better.

Getting to this point of the year, I’m grateful. Grateful for life, love, family, mercy and each breath I take. Many people died this year and the fact that I’m still alive doesn’t make me any better, so I’m thankful.

Spread the love guys, and the good news. I hope we all have an amazing, super-duper Christmas😄

*Peace out*✌🏻


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