Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog!! I hope you all are doing well? Today is the last day of the year 2020 and I’m really happy, for another start and how far we’ve come. There have been some major baby steps I’ve taken this year and I feel like they shaped up some of the events that occurred this year for me and I will like to talk about them. I hope y’all enjoy this post!

As at last year December, there were entries for a singing competition at my church. I wanted to be a part of it because I like to sing but boy! did I have some problems? I was freaking scared with a very low esteem and confidence. I tried to stay away, but I couldn’t and it took everything in me to eventually sign up for the competition.

After the auditions, I did get into the competition which took place in the early weeks of January this year. Talk about anxiety, I suffered it a lot. I began to wonder why I put in, if it was even really meant for me at all and I just wanted to get over and be done with it. I literally shook the first time had to present! but I felt a whole lot better after that.

And you know what? I faced my demons in that time of my life, in the midst of the fear, reading motivational quotes and drinking warm water with honey. If I had to go for something similar to that competition, I would still be nervous but it would never be like the first time.

The self fulfillment at the end is also something I love. And so every now and then, when I’m caught up with wanting to hide in my shell, I try to remind myself that those baby steps matter, and that one day, I would get to that stage where I can confidently address a crowd.

Starting my blog this year was another baby step I took, and honestly, I can see my blog growing with me.

2021 is coming and I just want to encourage you as you move on to take those baby steps. The results may not come out open at first, but take them anyway. I really don’t know if I diverted a little bit from the point of this post, but I hope you enjoyed it.

I have also been thinking on some ways to make my blog more interesting next year and I think I see a blog series coming! I hope we all have an amazing year and the strength to face whatever might come our way.

With much love from my side❤️

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