Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. I hope you’re all doing well? Let me officially say, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We made it!! And I think that’s something we should be grateful for.

With everything that happened globally last year, and even now, some of us still feel doubtful of anything good happening this year. It’s almost hard to scrap that feeling off. But no matter what, we will make 2021 our year. Below are 10 ways I’m hopeful will help us make 2021 our year.

BE THANKFUL FOR THE LITTLE MOMENTS IN 2020: A thankful heart is a joyful and peaceful heart, and what more would we want than to walk into twenty-twenty one with those things. Be grateful for those moments or just for how far you’ve come. Even the Bible talks about being thankful. When you are, God will want to do more. So let us #begrateful.

REFRESH YOUR MIND: Managing the bad thoughts, letting yourself know that there are possibilities for better things to happen this year is a great way to calm and refresh your mind. Replace the negative with positive, and it’s okay to take that break.

DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF WITH OTHERS: I feel like this is a great problem we all face at one time of our lives or the other, but we’ve got to replace seeing ourselves through the eyes of others with that of God’s. Comparing ourselves with others never makes things better. We’ve got to learn to believe in ourselves and the unlimited possibilities in us.

WALK WITH GOD: Yup, I’m not gonna skip this one. Life is really different when you choose to walk with God. Just let him lead and you follow.

BE DETERMINED IN WHATEVER YOU DO: Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Always put in your all when doing things, you will definitely get the result of your hard work.

SELF EVALUATION: Take time to view and talk to yourself. Look at the good and bad, and then find out ways in which you can develop yourself more as well as putting away with habits that aren’t generally helpful.

SET STANDARDS FOR YOURSELF AND HAVE GOALS: Know what you want for yourself. Having goals or things you want for yourself is what would determine where to focus on. If this year, your goal is to be the best graduating student, put in all you need and don’t limit yourself.

TAKE THINGS ONE AT A TIME: Don’t rush to achieve all your goals at once. At times, we need certain things like a bit more of maturity, experience and growth and we will definitely slay that goal!

BRING YOURSELF DOWN TO LEARN FROM OTHERS: You’d be amazed by how much knowledge you gain when you give people a chance to educate or talk to you. It can be hard at times, especially if it’s someone younger or someone you don’t really talk to. At times, let less talking do the trick!

TRY TO MAKE YOURSELF AND PEOPLE AROUND YOU HAPPY: It’s beautiful when you’re happy, but even more when people are there to share that moment. And really it’s just a lovely thing, when you make people happy you will be happy too and they’d try to make you happy too. It’s just a happy chain. And don’t stop just because some people don’t appreciate.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post? Anyway, I’m also excited to let you know that I’d be starting a blog series soon titled Sunday Coffee With Annie. More details will be passed across soon, anticipate!!

Much love from my side❤️

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