Happy Sunday! And happy Coffee With Annie! I hope you’re all doing well? Last week, on the launch of this series, the first topic commented was strengthening your relationship with God. Having a relationship with God is very important because it’s basically the basis of your faith, and regardless religions, we all know the almighty. I hope this post helps whoever in need. Enjoy!

SURRENDER AND LET JESUS INTO YOUR HEART: Surrender, just let go. Often times, we are too self conscious to just let the Holy Spirit take his place. There’s no relationship without the spirit being in you and no spirit in you without you being free and making room for him. Surrendering isn’t all that easy, but try to intentionally do it from your heart.

•SEE GOD AS YOUR FATHER: As supreme and mighty and awesome as God is, he loves us so much as to do better than our biological fathers. Speak to God and pour out your heart. Feel like he’s really a being. When you do this, you’re actually letting yourself know he’s real and he’s there. Cry if you want to, hug something if you feel you’re connecting that way. Just see him as your father too.

•LOOK FOR GOD IN ALL YOU DO: God is all around us. He’s in nature, he’s in you and me, after all, he’s the omnipresent God. Let yourself know God is with you and walking every step of the way with you.

•BE READY TO SERVE/ READ THE WORD: To grow with God, you have to be willing to. Open your heart and spiritual ears and listen. Refresh your mind and plant his seeds in your heart through His word.

•OBEY HIM: When you obey God, It’s a form of guidance from him to you. We can’t know everything, so when you at least hear something from God, try to actually do it.

DO THINGS OR PARTICIPATE IN THINGS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL HIM MORE: Joining active bible groups and just listening to gospel music can turn things up for you. So do it!

TAKE A BREAK: It’s totally fine to take a break from people to think about your relationship with God. If you feel the need to disconnect a little more from people for a while to focus on God, then I do recommend it.

•TELL YOURSELF YOU’RE GOOD ENOUGH TO BE LOVED BY GOD: You’re good enough, with whatever past you’ve had, you’re good enough with whatever sin you may have committed. What matters is you’re ready for change, and it will come.

BE WILLING TO LET GO OFF UNGODLY HABITS: Sin will always remain the one barrier between God and man. All men have sinned and come short of the glory of God, but it’s left to you to actually do away with that sin to get closer to God. Admit it and pray for the grace to do better.



And that’s it guys! I hope this post was helpful. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts and more topics you would like to see here. Much love from my side❤️

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