Happy Sunday! And happy coffee with Annie! What’s good?

On this particular topic I would be discussing today, I have had quite some worries and have tried to get as much knowledge on it. One time at a bible study in church, we discussed on this topic, and I could see people just trying to share their opinions and even questions about what their views on music were, secular music per say, and it was quite nice.

So many questions like, should I be listening to this kind of music? Am I meant to listen to just gospel music? Are questions I’ve asked myself before. It’s a topic with a whole lot of views, I tell you.

One thing I have learnt, I would say, is that you shouldn’t just base your judgement on what a person says. One of the first things we should always remember is that God is our purpose of being here, and we are to serve him. So, you considered what he feel about it?

Ask Him in prayers if he feels okay about the songs you listen to or if there are some songs that do not please him. Earnestly pray for him to answer you and see if you can connect with what he says.

Through God’s word, you can also have an insight on the kinds of things that please Him.

The second most important thing is asking yourself too. I have heard people talk about how the songs you listen to don’t affect your relationship with God, and you’re very free to do whatever you want. But deep down, even when I want to believe them, I still feel there’s a limitation. And that’s just me.

So ask and see through yourself. Do you really feel comfortable with that song? People are different, and so are their relationships with God. Where someone says God tells him to stop, he could tell you to keep going.

If you’re caught in a web about not hearing God or not knowing what you actually feel about the songs you listen to. The lyrics should be your third option and answer.

Sometimes we listen to songs because we like the beats or just how soothing they can be. But have you ever consciously listened to the lyrics of your songs? Or even googled if you’re not sure? Try to know their interpretations.

I believe there are spirits behind every song (not evil spirits, lol). But you certainly get some feelings when you listen to some particular songs. So we’ve got to take extra care.


  • The gods of some singers could not be the same as yours, so don’t be surprised if their morals and thoughts aren’t the same.
  • As much as we love some of these artistes, do not idolize them, cos we all human.

I hope this post was able to shed some more light on the topic? Feel free to comment your thoughts and more topics you would like to see on Sunday Coffee With Annie, #SCWA. See ya!

Post inspired by Jonathan McReynolds.

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Sometimes, I wonder if there will ever really be an end. Like to all of the chaos, and trouble, and just the bad things going on.

New stories, hashtags and different things coming up. And it’s really heart breaking to see the things some people have to go through, during a nation’s crisis.

In Nigeria last year, it started with #ENDSARS. A cry from the youths and many others who were interested in putting an end to police brutality in their country. We saw youths, peacefully protesting being killed at the Lekki toll gate, and let me say, for that period, the nation was almost going out of hand. Like crumbling.

When the protests were later put to an end, in which many people found unfair and manipulated by the government, I can’t even begin to list the cases of insecurity going on in the country.

Secondary school students being kidnapped, attacks on road travelers and farmers, and now of recent, kidnap of some University students in Kaduna state, with a member of the staff killed. It’s now confirmed that three of the kidnapped students were also killed.

Apart from the nation’s insecurity cases, one of the news, is the talk on Pantami- a minister citizens want removed, because of an earlier talk which depicted him having support or some sort of connections with terrorists.

I hear of how Chad loses their president from a war with rebels, and the country facing other economic problems.

In the midst of this all, America is still facing a lot of trouble with the importance of black people, Asians, Muslims and a seemingly failing police system.

All these written in this blog post, aren’t even a tip off the iceberg, with problems that are going on around the world. And I just find myself thinking, why so much hate? Why so much troubles?

But I thought of something. Not having enough love. Love is so important, and larger than we think. Yes, other things do need to be put in place, like compromise and all. But with love, you’ve covered a larger aspect.

When you love and value your fellow human, you wouldn’t want to kill or hurt them. It would disturb you that something is probably even wrong with them. And instead of tearing and destroying each other, we would help each other. Your love will show in actions.

However you can today, show love. Whether a person is black or white, nice or naughty. Just do. A reason or motivation to show love and kindness for people might not always be there, but it will certainly come back to you.

This post is in no way used to take sides on any particular problem, but to let us all know that all these, are problems we need to recognize and fight together.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Say a prayer, will you?



Hey guys! How’re you doing? Welcome back to my blog, been quite a while. On today’s post, I would be discussing all things morning routines as well as things you could probably add to your routines. I hope you all enjoy the post!

Initially, I would have written a post on my morning routine, but thinking about it more, it is kind of scattered and even when I have it all set up I end up not doing some particular things every single day! So, Instead, I decided to write on the importance of morning routines and their impacts on you.

First of all, what is a routine?

A routine is an unvarying or habitual method or procedure. Which means it’s something you probably do from your subconscious at times because it is a part of you.

I feel like working on or having morning routines or routines generally at times are helpful because they help you stay organized and on track as well as being that sweetner to your day. Either physically, spiritually or emotionally.


• Morning routines (or routines) mean different things to people, so you definitely do not need to freak out if your idea towards it is different from another’s.

• Be realistic with the amount of time you have to act out those routines. If you’re someone who needs to be at work or school at 7 o’clock, program and make up a routine that you can manage within that time range.


• Stretches: Stretching when you wake up in the morning can help relieve tension or pain from sleeping the night before. It also helps increase your blood flow, and prepares you for the day ahead.

• Journaling: Apart from journaling being a way to clear your head off thoughts, it’s also a great way to write ideas and build self confidence by knowing your voice matters too. With time, you can also see how far you’ve come, and thoughts you’ve had at different times of your life. Results may not show immediately, but constant practice helps.

• Reading a quote or word: A word of inspiration you like from the Bible or recitation of quotes and believing them can also be a great addition.

• Drinking a glass of water.

• Listening to music that can set your tone and enhance your mood.

I don’t think your routine can be too short or long, depending on you, and what is for you. I hope you enjoyed this post? Happy morning – routine-ing!

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Hi guys! Happy new month and welcome back to my blog!! I hope you’re all doing well?

So, what’s up with your 2021? I hope it’s been okay, and if not, I hope it gets better. Today, I have written some tips to help and keep you going through the year which I hope you find helpful. So, kindly scroll!

Have me-times: Create time to talk to yourself and figure out your pattern of late. Give yourself a self-care treat and motivate yourself, even by reading quotes.

Appreciate yourself and what you do: Be thankful for yourself and see your worth. It’s nice when people tell you great things about yourself, but when you see what’s really in you, it’s on another level.

Do things that feel like you: The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be. That was a quote I read somewhere and it really struck. But how are we going to evolve into that person we’re meant to be if we can’t bring out and use those things deposited in us?

Don’t make decisions hastily: Think properly before agreeing or just taking steps.

Take deep breaths.

Stay with family and friends.

Open your imaginary mind.

Love, learn and try to discover new things about you.

Walk with God.

I haven’t been the most active, and it might be like that for a while. But I hope you guys keep safe and are cool. By the way, in the mean time, you could all comment topics you’d like to see here and on Sunday Coffee With Annie #SCWA. Much love from my side!

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Happy Sunday! And happy Coffee With Annie! I hope you’re all doing well? Last week, on the launch of this series, the first topic commented was strengthening your relationship with God. Having a relationship with God is very important because it’s basically the basis of your faith, and regardless religions, we all know the almighty. I hope this post helps whoever in need. Enjoy!

SURRENDER AND LET JESUS INTO YOUR HEART: Surrender, just let go. Often times, we are too self conscious to just let the Holy Spirit take his place. There’s no relationship without the spirit being in you and no spirit in you without you being free and making room for him. Surrendering isn’t all that easy, but try to intentionally do it from your heart.

•SEE GOD AS YOUR FATHER: As supreme and mighty and awesome as God is, he loves us so much as to do better than our biological fathers. Speak to God and pour out your heart. Feel like he’s really a being. When you do this, you’re actually letting yourself know he’s real and he’s there. Cry if you want to, hug something if you feel you’re connecting that way. Just see him as your father too.

•LOOK FOR GOD IN ALL YOU DO: God is all around us. He’s in nature, he’s in you and me, after all, he’s the omnipresent God. Let yourself know God is with you and walking every step of the way with you.

•BE READY TO SERVE/ READ THE WORD: To grow with God, you have to be willing to. Open your heart and spiritual ears and listen. Refresh your mind and plant his seeds in your heart through His word.

•OBEY HIM: When you obey God, It’s a form of guidance from him to you. We can’t know everything, so when you at least hear something from God, try to actually do it.

DO THINGS OR PARTICIPATE IN THINGS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL HIM MORE: Joining active bible groups and just listening to gospel music can turn things up for you. So do it!

TAKE A BREAK: It’s totally fine to take a break from people to think about your relationship with God. If you feel the need to disconnect a little more from people for a while to focus on God, then I do recommend it.

•TELL YOURSELF YOU’RE GOOD ENOUGH TO BE LOVED BY GOD: You’re good enough, with whatever past you’ve had, you’re good enough with whatever sin you may have committed. What matters is you’re ready for change, and it will come.

BE WILLING TO LET GO OFF UNGODLY HABITS: Sin will always remain the one barrier between God and man. All men have sinned and come short of the glory of God, but it’s left to you to actually do away with that sin to get closer to God. Admit it and pray for the grace to do better.



And that’s it guys! I hope this post was helpful. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts and more topics you would like to see here. Much love from my side❤️

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Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog!! I hope you’re all doing well? Today’s post is an interview with the Dara Daniels. Dara is a teen content creator and also runs a youth organization known as BTSU- Black teens speak up.

I was thinking of posting something a little different and interesting today, and sometimes, listening from other people is just a great way to kickstart yourself. In this interview, we talked about all things content creation, advice, and her NGO. I hope you enjoy it!


Hi. My name is Daraayo Daniels. I’m a believer in Christ, A content creator and an Entrepreneur. When I’m not working or schooling, I like to read, write, listen to music and on the occasion, catch up on my favorite TV shows.


My daily life as a content creator is pretty simple actually. I have scheduled posts and a theme I’m probably going for so I create content based on that. I also have to eat first cause I’m one of those people who can’t work on an empty stomach. I read, do some research and plan out what I want to put out there. I’m a very conscious individual and a perfectionist so I work very hard on the content I produce, I have this thought that if it isn’t good enough for me, then it isn’t good enough for anyone else.


As for the birth of my NGO, that came about in June or so. 3 months after the pandemic started. We didn’t go into full force though until 7th of July when we started putting content out there and seeing that people were actually interested. To be honest, BTSU came about after I thought about how youth generally and young black creatives weren’t taken seriously enough. I felt that we should be evaluated based on the quality of our work and not our age. I also felt like we should be more politically aware and I took action by gathering a few trusted friends who I felt shared my passion at the time and we set it up.

For content creation, that wasn’t a decision I took overnight either. It took careful planning and preparation. I loved making videos and talking about things that were important to me so I started with my podcast at first then because I wanted to reach a larger audience, I started a YouTube channel and here I am now. I love creating content. Its a part of me now.


To be honest, growth is perceived on an individual scale for me. I believe I’ve grown over time. When I listen to my first podcast, I laugh at how nervous and inexperienced I sounded. I’m doing way better now. As for my YouTube channel, I just started that so I can’t really say. I think a particular thing I’ve done to evolve myself is to stop comparing myself to others and instead, carving a niche for myself. My own brand. My own identity. Also, I listen to uplifting messages, I create mood boards when I’m feeling creative and all sorts of other things to get me in the groove. Most importantly, I pray. I pray real hard everyday for God to continue to guide me and give me strength. Its the only thing that keeps me going.


My watchword this year is simple. “Let God Lead.” I know that when I do that, everything works together for my good.


The only advice I can give for anyone who wants to go into content creation is “Be Yourself. No one can do you like You. Carve a niche for yourself. Be different. Have a positive mindset. Keep working very hard and never give up. Your goal is closer than you think. Most importantly and obvious, when you think about it, create “quality content.”


The only other thing I’d like to add is go check out my podcast: Pillow Talk With Dara, Subscribe to my channel: Dara Daniels and Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @thedaradaniels
Thank you so much for having me. I’m honored.


And that’s it guys. I hope you enjoyed this post, because I definitely did. Don’t forget to comment. Will see you in my next post✌🏻

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Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. I hope you’re all doing well? Starting my blog way back in June 2020, I remember one key point I said I was going to be discussing about is God. God is a very important part of my life and I feel talking about him with other people is one way I can also show my gratitude and fellowship.

So let me start again….

Every Sunday, back- to- back, join me to discuss questions, thoughts and feelings about God.

NOTE: I am also a growing Christian like you. I am in no way perfect and I definitely can’t answer all your questions pertaining Christianity or God, but a problem shared is a problem half solved, and a discussion about God every Sunday wouldn’t hurt.

Since I want this to be some sort of discussion talk, I would like you guys to comment topics you would like to see on this series. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Plenty of love, hugs and kisses❤️

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Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. I hope you’re all doing well? Let me officially say, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We made it!! And I think that’s something we should be grateful for.

With everything that happened globally last year, and even now, some of us still feel doubtful of anything good happening this year. It’s almost hard to scrap that feeling off. But no matter what, we will make 2021 our year. Below are 10 ways I’m hopeful will help us make 2021 our year.

BE THANKFUL FOR THE LITTLE MOMENTS IN 2020: A thankful heart is a joyful and peaceful heart, and what more would we want than to walk into twenty-twenty one with those things. Be grateful for those moments or just for how far you’ve come. Even the Bible talks about being thankful. When you are, God will want to do more. So let us #begrateful.

REFRESH YOUR MIND: Managing the bad thoughts, letting yourself know that there are possibilities for better things to happen this year is a great way to calm and refresh your mind. Replace the negative with positive, and it’s okay to take that break.

DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF WITH OTHERS: I feel like this is a great problem we all face at one time of our lives or the other, but we’ve got to replace seeing ourselves through the eyes of others with that of God’s. Comparing ourselves with others never makes things better. We’ve got to learn to believe in ourselves and the unlimited possibilities in us.

WALK WITH GOD: Yup, I’m not gonna skip this one. Life is really different when you choose to walk with God. Just let him lead and you follow.

BE DETERMINED IN WHATEVER YOU DO: Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Always put in your all when doing things, you will definitely get the result of your hard work.

SELF EVALUATION: Take time to view and talk to yourself. Look at the good and bad, and then find out ways in which you can develop yourself more as well as putting away with habits that aren’t generally helpful.

SET STANDARDS FOR YOURSELF AND HAVE GOALS: Know what you want for yourself. Having goals or things you want for yourself is what would determine where to focus on. If this year, your goal is to be the best graduating student, put in all you need and don’t limit yourself.

TAKE THINGS ONE AT A TIME: Don’t rush to achieve all your goals at once. At times, we need certain things like a bit more of maturity, experience and growth and we will definitely slay that goal!

BRING YOURSELF DOWN TO LEARN FROM OTHERS: You’d be amazed by how much knowledge you gain when you give people a chance to educate or talk to you. It can be hard at times, especially if it’s someone younger or someone you don’t really talk to. At times, let less talking do the trick!

TRY TO MAKE YOURSELF AND PEOPLE AROUND YOU HAPPY: It’s beautiful when you’re happy, but even more when people are there to share that moment. And really it’s just a lovely thing, when you make people happy you will be happy too and they’d try to make you happy too. It’s just a happy chain. And don’t stop just because some people don’t appreciate.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post? Anyway, I’m also excited to let you know that I’d be starting a blog series soon titled Sunday Coffee With Annie. More details will be passed across soon, anticipate!!

Much love from my side❤️


Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog!! I hope you all are doing well? Today is the last day of the year 2020 and I’m really happy, for another start and how far we’ve come. There have been some major baby steps I’ve taken this year and I feel like they shaped up some of the events that occurred this year for me and I will like to talk about them. I hope y’all enjoy this post!

As at last year December, there were entries for a singing competition at my church. I wanted to be a part of it because I like to sing but boy! did I have some problems? I was freaking scared with a very low esteem and confidence. I tried to stay away, but I couldn’t and it took everything in me to eventually sign up for the competition.

After the auditions, I did get into the competition which took place in the early weeks of January this year. Talk about anxiety, I suffered it a lot. I began to wonder why I put in, if it was even really meant for me at all and I just wanted to get over and be done with it. I literally shook the first time had to present! but I felt a whole lot better after that.

And you know what? I faced my demons in that time of my life, in the midst of the fear, reading motivational quotes and drinking warm water with honey. If I had to go for something similar to that competition, I would still be nervous but it would never be like the first time.

The self fulfillment at the end is also something I love. And so every now and then, when I’m caught up with wanting to hide in my shell, I try to remind myself that those baby steps matter, and that one day, I would get to that stage where I can confidently address a crowd.

Starting my blog this year was another baby step I took, and honestly, I can see my blog growing with me.

2021 is coming and I just want to encourage you as you move on to take those baby steps. The results may not come out open at first, but take them anyway. I really don’t know if I diverted a little bit from the point of this post, but I hope you enjoyed it.

I have also been thinking on some ways to make my blog more interesting next year and I think I see a blog series coming! I hope we all have an amazing year and the strength to face whatever might come our way.

With much love from my side❤️


Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. I hope y’all are doing well? Merry Christmas to y’all!! I’m actually so excited today, and I think things are really looking up.

This year, the Christmas spirit isn’t one I’ve been feeling so much, but I think I feel it now, lol. I think really knowing and understanding what Christmas is all about is the game changer. Two nights ago, I listened to some carol songs and I tried to intentionally absorb the words in —connect with what they were saying— and I did feel great.

A word was also preached, and they talked about the spirit of Christmas, which we might have actually heard before. It’s not about the lights or the trees (They’re still important), or the gifts, it’s about truly appreciating the fact that Jesus came to die for us. Being grateful for the love shown to us by God and radiating that love. Christmas is a time to love, to give and to spread joy, and truly knowing what Christmas means to you in your heart really makes things better.

Getting to this point of the year, I’m grateful. Grateful for life, love, family, mercy and each breath I take. Many people died this year and the fact that I’m still alive doesn’t make me any better, so I’m thankful.

Spread the love guys, and the good news. I hope we all have an amazing, super-duper Christmas😄

*Peace out*✌🏻